Zodiac Crystal Gift Set - Virgo

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Our Virgo Empowerment Crystal Gift Set is the perfect gift for the Virgo (or Virgos) in your life. Virgos are deeply connected to the material world. They feel deeply, though seldom show it, and are best known for being practical and organised in their approach to life. They love perfection, and are prepared to work to achieve it. Our beautiful Empowerment Crystals serve to complement and enhance their areas of strength and fortify their areas of weakness.

Each amazing Crystal Heart Empowerment Crystal comes beautifully boxed with a stylish satin travel pouch and a separate embossed coaster with the crystal’s unique energizing and healing properties.


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Our first choice for our perfectionist Virgos is our beautiful Orange Calcite Creativity Crystal. Yes, our Virgos might seem rooted in the practical, but they can also be extremely creative, applying their infinite practicality to a myriad of problems. They just need a little inspiration!

Our second choice for our Virgos is our Amethyst Happiness Crystal. Amethyst emits a gentle, calming energy that can help our detail-minded Virgos to deal with stressful situations. It acts on the crown chakra region, and can help our rational Virgos connect to their spiritual side.

Finally, our third choice for our Virgos is our Black Obsidian Truth Crystal. Black Obsidian serves to help our Virgos to see the truth in the problems they encounter in their search for meaning and perfection, and can help them to awaken their inner warrior so they can deal with these problems that, at times, can appear insurmountable.


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crystals are certified by the Gemological Institute of AmericaAll of our crystals are certified by the Gemological Institute of America, the worlds’s foremost authority in gemology to be 100% natural, pure, Crystal Gemstones with a guaranteed minimum weight of 10 oz (280 grams).

Sourced directly from sustainable mines

We source and hand select every gemstone directly from the mines. No middlemen or resellers. On its topside, the stone is cut and polished to jewelry standard in a 6-faceted point style to accentuate its natural beauty, translucency and energy properties. The underside is left raw and untouched as it came from the mine lending a natural organic beauty to each stone. The base is cut flat, which allows the stone to display beautifully on the provided embossed coaster. Each gemstone is a true unique rare piece of nature from our planet earth and a wonderful addition to any crystal collection.

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